The Lie All Millennials Believe

The 1 Lie All Millennial’s Believe

The 1 Lie All Millennial’s Believe (That Destroys Their Happiness)

Don’t get caught in the trap       By Matthew Jones  

Millennials grew up within unique circumstances. The technology that we use and take for granted today was newly developed. Things like the internet, cell phones, and email were just beginning to take off. Along with those technological advances came better marketing.

A study by Gallop found that 70 percent of Millennials are disengaged at work. None of these individuals identify with being involved in and enthusiastic about their job. And because other research studies indicate that contentment in one’s career is directly correlated with life satisfaction, it’s logical to assume that most Millennials are unhappy. Many Millennials are unhappy for one reason–they are influenced by a lie deeply embedded within American values.

The one lie all Millennials believe that keeps them unhappy is thinking that owning a material object will create a favorable effect.

Millennials have been brainwashed by advertising. In fact, one study found that up to 80 percent of students cannot tell the difference between advertising and a news story. And this is hardly their fault–the integrity of mainstream news organizations has plummeted over the years and marketing has far more tools to make impressions than it did in the past.

When people are convinced that material possessions can create positive change, they become lazy and complacent. They think that consuming more and more is the answer to all problems and uncomfortable feelings, resulting in a never-ending cycle of melancholy and mindless consumerism to temporarily assuage emotional voids.

So, what can you do?

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2 replies
  1. John A. Anderson
    John A. Anderson says:

    Material possessions won’t give you magical powers, alter significant aspects of your experiences, or bring you happiness. At best, they will bring you temporary pleasure. Stop trying to take in objects to fill emotional holes.

  2. staradmin
    staradmin says:

    At some point, people generally determine that a simpler lifestyle provides greater satisfaction than relentless pursuit of materialism. It’s so easy today to get swept up in celebrity fixation and materialism and searching for some validation outside of yourself when we know it’s really found within and through meaningful connections with other people.

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